Corporate Finance

The financial health of your company shapes the basis for successful growth and implementation of your expansion strategies. Whether it’s raising capital or financing your investment; as an independent consultant, we support you in optimizing your corporate financing.


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Equity finance

Like any company, you are constantly challenged to maintain and strengthen your equity base.  Along with using available P & L optimizations and the existing possibilities there to strengthen equity, focus should also be placed on restructuring of the balance sheet.  Our claim is to provide you with holistic advice and support.

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Debt financing

There is no universal recipe when it comes to financing a company. Therefore, we very carefully check the debt financing already used by you.  Does it fit exactly? Is it congruent with your strategic business goals? Together with you, we analyze your capital requirements – not only thinking about today, but also about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

 This is how we develop an optimized financing concept for you and your company. When it comes to the procurement of funds and negotiations with financing partners, we support you personally, actively and professionally. Within our consultation we also include alternative financing options such as leasing and factoring.