Management Consulting

Entrepreneurs need vision, they show a willingness to take risks and courage to innovate. We understand this because we, ourselves, are entrepreneurs. We know many entrepreneurs; we know how they tick and what they need. And that’s exactly what management consulting is about.


It is important to recognize, use and maintain the strengths and unique features of a company.  This is exactly where we see ort tasks.  We bring with us many years of expertise and distinctive thinking “out of the box”.

Our added value for you

Individually, structured and solution-oriented – this is how we shape and moderate the strategy process together, with you.  It is only when all participants come together, that the best strategy can be found, implemented and sustained.  We support you in the long-term increase of your company’s value.

Employee involvement

How high is the motivation of your employees who want to make a difference? Does your team identify with the projects, goals and visions?

When it comes to sustainable corporate success, motivated and loyal employees are one of the most important assets.  A positive and functioning corporate culture is bases on a solid value system that people trust and rely on every day.  Your task is to connect your employees and executives to the company, even better, to further strengthen their identification with the business.

Our added value for you

We have the right solutions for employee retention and motivation, such as employee participation models via capital or profit sharing. Contact us today!

Strategy consulting

A successful corporate strategy develops and secures shareholder value.  Foresight and consistent implementation are necessary.  The markets, customers and products of tomorrow must already be properly assessed today.

The constantly changing market environment – especially of companies with a technical and technological focus (i.e.  digitization) – requires that the corporate strategy is continually put to the test. The implementation of a developed strategy often leads to M & A activities, or changes in the management structure.

We stand for an effective and pragmatic approach in the context of strategy development. In the beginning, there is a joint strategy workshop in which goals and possibilities of your company are explored, and firmly decided upon.

Afterwards, we accompany you in the implementation of your strategy, with the goal of sustainably increasing the company value.

Mediation - mediation in shareholder conflicts

As in all long-term relationships, conflicts between shareholders cannot always be avoided in a company. In the worst case, such a conflict threatens the existence of the company and its employees.

Do not wait until that time comes! Talk to us, even if …..“it’s too late”.

Our approach

As neutral moderators and mediators we support you in resolving conflicts. We analyze your situation, bring all the necessary people involved together and ensure a fair exchange of discussion. Together, with all participants, we develop constructive solutions for the benefit of the company, the employees and the shareholders.

Establishment of advisory board and supervisory board

An experienced and competent advisory board contributes significantly to the sustainability of a successful business. It is considered a reliable ‘sparring’ partner and qualified interlocutor for shareholders and management.

Therefor members of advisory and supervisory boardsare welcome in many companies.  They bring their years of experience and expertise as well as different perspectives.  They advise the company on strategic decisions and sometimes question and control management decisions. In particular when it comes to extraordinary and unusual situations such as succession planning, a large number of shareholders, or generational conflicts, the board members can provide a great amount of help.

Our added value for you

We advise and support you in establishing or appointing an advisory board or supervisory board that suits your ideas and plans. In selecting the appropriate members, we can rely on our exceptionally broad network of competent entrepreneurs.