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How we work - an example of a company sale

Selling a company  is a unique, complex process for many small- and medium-sized companies. Every company has its own very special value, however for small- and mediumsized companies, in particular it bears the signature of the entrepreneur.

Sattler & Partner advises you in the implementation of the entire corporate transaction. Our decades of experience allow us to find a qualified prospective buyer for your company. We have extensive contacts through our international network from strategic investors to financial investors and family offices worldwide.

1st phase: sighting, analysis and evaluation



Get to know us. We start with a non-binding free initial consultation. In our first conversation, we talk about your company, your wishes and needs and tangible ideas you have.  We then create together thoughts regarding how to proceed forward.



We have received initial information from you. This is basis for our offer for a meaningful documentation, the so called Information Memorandum, which includes a sound valuation of your business.



Once we conduct further personal discussions, review documents and get an overall impression of your company on site, a sound valuation of your company is possible, which we prepare for you in writing. Based on your situation and conditions, we put together your individual and personalized options for action and discuss them together.

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2nd phase: Accompaniment of the sales process



Together, we have discussed options for action, and you have chosen a particular path. A good choice, we are sure! On this basis, we will create an individual offer for the accompaniment of the sales process.


Deal Design

You want a safe and smooth company sale.  So, we establish a transaction structure, otherwise known as a ‘deal design’, that is specifically tailored to your needs.


Market targeting

You have put together certain selection criteria that are relevant to potential buyers. On this basis, we create a longlist of matching candidates, using our extensive international contacts and networks. Together we explore, discuss and select possible offers fitting your needs, then establish a shortlist.


Addressing potential buyers

We address the remaining potential buyers discreetly and confidentially. In the case of strong interest in a company takeover, the conclusion of a confidentiality agreement (NDA) takes place, after which we hand over the information memorandum to the interested party. We organize the initial talks and accompany you to the appointments.


Indicative offers

After initial interviews with potential buyers, we talk about your preferences. These interested parties can now submit an indicative offer. We coordinate this process for you. Then we support you in the evaluation and comparison of purchase offers.


Letter of Intent

Together we start the next round of the selection process. The list of preferred buyers will be further limited. A “Letter of Intent” will now be set up. This document serves as a basis for the beginning of the negotiation phase.  It underpins the seriousness of the talks and describes the mutual willingness to sign a contract.


Due Diligence

Your company will be thoroughly audited by the potential buyer(s). The area of finance, market and taxes are, among others, highlighted. We take care of organizing the due diligence process and take over the coordination with the consultants engaged by the buyer.


Closing of the contract

As a strong partner, we accompany you in the negotiations and enforce your value and purchase price expectations as best as possible. In addition to consulting you through this process, we also have the task of moderating the negotiations. We are actively and continuously at your side – until the closing and even beyond.