The personal experience of our consultants as well as a large number of successful M&A transactions form the basis for the sector focus of Sattler & Partner.

Due to our high level of technical and commercial competence and our years of expertise in the consulting business, we understand the corporate processes of our clients and together find individual solutions for your success.


The automotive industry is a key industry – worldwide and also in Germany. The change to regenerative drives, unclear prospects for the future and volatile markets are changing the status quo that has prevailed for decades. More than ever before, this industry is looking for ways to accelerate the development of innovative products, compensate for shorter product lifecycles, reduce complexity and cost, and collaborate with new partners on a worldwide basis.

These developments are accompanied by corporate acquisitions and disposals, mergers and joint ventures.


A steadily growing population and increasing urbanization are the pulse for the construction services market. The demand for modern and required based infrastructure according tocustomers needs, and energy-efficient renovations and buildings goes hand in hand with it. Company sales and purchases, and business combinations are on the agenda in this industry.

Sustainability, innovation and investment are growth drivers for the chemical industry. Innovations are global. An intelligent chemistry, e.g. in the development of new materials and solutions can be found in almost all products and processes. New competitors – especially for standard products – are emerging internationally. Technologies such as nanotechnology and biotechnology are forcing them to constantly revise their product portfolios and lead to an increase in corporate transactions.

The electronics industry continues to grow. Driving trends such as automation and digitization of production, increasing demands on energy efficiency, the topic of electromobility, a further increase in demand for infrastructure equipment and other growth areas are providing sustained growth impulses.

There are also opportunities for cooperation, acquisitions and sales.

The liberalization, privatization and internationalization of the energy industry pose major challenges for the entire industry. It is about making core businesses more effective and efficient, but also more innovative than competition.

Renewable energies have become the decisive energy economy factor in recent years.

Nationally and internationally, energy, green energy and natural resources offer excellent M & A opportunities for both investors and investment seekers.

The market for engineering service providers is complex, with a variety of different fields and specializations. Despite a considerable concentration process in the industry, there are still many medium-sized and small engineering companies. However, the requirements for project awards from the large-scale industry and the public sector have grown in recent years. Highly specialized niche providers are finding it increasingly difficult. The trend to grow through organic growth but also through business acquisitions remains unbroken.

The IT / media and telecommunications industries are showing high growth rates, a tremendous number of innovations and new high-growth companies. Information and communication technology is fundamentally changing our way of life and work. The boundaries between telecommunications, information technology and media are becoming more and more blurred. All sectors and markets can benefit from the innovations and take advantage of the opportunities of digitization to their advantage. There are also opportunities for cooperation, acquisitions and sales.

The small- and mid-sized companies in aerospace engineering are nationwide and in international gaining reputation for their innovative strength in the development of environmentally friendly and cost-efficient products.

In recent years, the aerospace industry has experienced an unexpectedly strong change trend that poses particular challenges to companies. New major projects are entering unprecedented levels.

These structural changes in the aerospace industry are leading to changes in the business models of companies with a significant impact on the aftermarket and maintenance businesses. A strategy review of (medium-sized) companies will therefore be necessary.

Aviation companies are the focus of Sattler & Partner’s corporate activities. We support the companies with strategic consulting in their innovation processes, in the financing of multi-year projects and their stabilization.

In the era of globalization of the markets, the logistics industry faces the challenge of building global logistics chains through networks. Rising energy costs and climate change will have an additional impact on the industry over the next few years. The necessary extensions in the infrastructure and by new technologies lead to increased M & A activities like cooperations with and acquisitions of competitors and companies that strategically complement and expand their own range of services.

Machine, plant and tool making have been the backbone of German industry for many years. The industry is a growth engine of the German economy due to its international business and is very much driven by innovations.

The global market and the ongoing digitalization are bringing major changes to all companies in the industry.

A good M & A strategy and openness to new things form the basis for asserting oneself in global competition.

The aging society and rising health awareness are increasing the demand for innovations in medical technology. The German medical technology industry as a high-tech industry continues to expect good growth. The equipment suppliers and suppliers will also benefit from this.

These are the best prerequisites for M & A activities for strategic buyers and sellers and niche providers.

Flexibility is the magic word in the temporary work industry. The specialization of the industry has increased significantly in recent years. Companies invest in specific market segments, such as the commercial or technical sector. But other topics, such as health care or the outsourcing of human resources services are at the center of the market change

The fragmentation of the industry into many medium-sized companies leads to an increasing concentration process and associated M & A activities.