Selling a Company

Selling a company or the implementation of a succession plan are complex processes. Collaborate with experts in this area. To make your business transaction successful, we are at your side to help you.

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Selling a company is a unique process. Since every company is different and special in its own way; characterized by the signature of the entrepreneur and shaped by the employees in the company.  In order to this uniqueness, comprehensive personal advice regarding the sale of the company is crucial.

Our approach

Individual design. High personal commitment. Highest discretion. That’s our claim when it comes to selling your company. From the first fleeting sales idea to the signing of the certified contract, we accompany you on this path, which can be emotional and exhausting at times.

Valuation of a company

What is the the value of your company? As experts, we have a holistic look at your company. The application of qualified valuation methods helps us to generate a realistic value of your company. This gives you clarity and security for the next steps in selling your company.

Our approach

To determine the true value of your company, having a look at the big picture is important. We therefore carry out a sound business analysis and determine the value-forming factors, such as:

Our added value for you

Succession Management

Handing over your company to a suitable successor is a real challenge. When is the right time? What needs to be regulated in advance? What is the optimal preparation of the succession plan? And how is the succession management exactly implemented? How does the transfer of the company take place? You have many questions – together we will find the right answers for you.

Our added value for you

Decision making within a family can be an intense process. We accompany and moderate this process with you – for the benefit of all involved.

Already in a early stage, we talk about, how you can bring and use your entrepreneurial and industry-specific expertise, even after the sale of the company. Together, we discuss your role, for example as advisory council or on a supervisory board.

For more than three decades, we have built an international network of potential buyers. These include strategic investors and family offices, as well as private equity companies and MBI candidates.

We are outstanding in what we do, because we are doing what we are good at. For all other topics, we bring in experts. For legal and tax issues, we have long-standing partners who are knowledgeable in these complex areas to ensure succession works flawlessly. We also work together with your tax consultant and lawyer.

Since 1983, we have advised entrepreneurs on the subject of corporate succession.