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The automotive industry is a key industry – worldwide and also in Germany. The change to regenerative drives, unclear prospects for the future and
A steadily growing population and increasing urbanization are the pulse for the construction services market. The demand for modern and required based infrastructure according
Sustainability, innovation and investment are growth drivers for the chemical industry. Innovations are global. An intelligent chemistry, e.g. in the development of new materials
The electronics industry continues to grow. Driving trends such as automation and digitization of production, increasing demands on energy efficiency, the topic of electromobility,
The liberalization, privatization and internationalization of the energy industry pose major challenges for the entire industry. It is about making core businesses more effective
The market for engineering service providers is complex, with a variety of different fields and specializations. Despite a considerable concentration process in the industry,
The IT / media and telecommunications industries are showing high growth rates, a tremendous number of innovations and new high-growth companies. Information and communication
The small- and mid-sized companies in aerospace engineering are nationwide and in international gaining reputation for their innovative strength in the development of environmentally
In the era of globalization of the markets, the logistics industry faces the challenge of building global logistics chains through networks. Rising energy costs